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From a young age, Kiara Yamamoto has been drawn to gems, charms, and the elegance of a piece of jewelry, believing not only in their inherent attractiveness, but the imagery and symbolism behind each pendant, ring, or earring created.


While growing up in Singapore, Kiara was surrounded by an emerging arts and cultural movement in Southeast Asia. One day, while playing in her mother’s bedroom as a little girl, Kiara discovered her mother’s jewelry box. Time stood still as she became enthralled by the sparkle, effervescence, and refinery of each piece. She was put into a trance as her eyes became sealed over the colorful hues, pure beauty, and life of the gemstones. Kiara brings the same ambiance of richness and shine that she so profoundly remembers from her mother’s jewelry all those years ago into her current pieces.


Kiara’s eye for fashion developed through her decision to purchase beads and jewels from local markets in Singapore which she used to create unique earrings for her family and friends. As Kiara’s interests and talent grew, she set up shop on the streets of city centers, selling her designs to the public.


When Kiara was 22 years old, she was afforded the opportunity to travel to Paris, France. Here, she discovered couture and standards of quality and finish, and was compelled to experiment with new design techniques. Combing this experience with her own distinct style, Kiara was inspired to conceive her own professionally established jewelry line.


Ethically Sourced Jewels & Materials

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